2010. április 28., szerda

Naono - Untitled Merrow

Naono from the amazing album Sleepy Pebbles..... With an inward flow, Naono's Sleepy Pebbles is a solitary ambient
album focused on the inner self. It's lonesome yet comforting in its
ability to convey a sense of familiarity through quiet and calming
sounds. Gradual shifts in pace and beats that whirl like the eddies of
a current, 'Sleepy Pebbles' goes with the flow. Sonics are soft and
smooth as if worn by time and the natural elements. Naono forms
atmospheres of blues and greys and invokes a hermetical sound that
places the listener into a state comfort and inner unity....

Naono (aka Antonis Simeonidis) is a recording artist, producer based in Athens, Greece. The music he creates blends melodic soundscapes and atmospheres with sliced and glued organic rhythms. Image creating music inspired from everyday sounds and surroundings.
Another Quiet Winter from NCThomspon and the Sleepy Pebbles from Naono, both released in 2010, are among my all time favorite albums. After i played them for the first time, took me several hours to touch the ground again. :)
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